How To Increase Sacredness, Inner Peace and Goodness

By the 1970s, millions of people had experienced psychedelics. After those experiences many wondered: “Was what I experienced real? Was what I experienced the way the world really is? How can I have such experiences again in my day-to-day life?” And since then many have spent their lives exploring answers to those questions, including the group that developed Our site is about what we learned and the mistakes we made.      

After taking psychedelics in the 1960s most of our group studied eastern religions and listened to holy men while some of us lived with saints and spent considerable time alone in high, remote mountains. We first met in the 1970s when we came together to form a community of several thousand to explore reality through meditation. Many of us have been practicing mantra meditation now for over 40 years. Some of us have had careers and raised families while meditating two to four hours every day while others have lived in reclusion and meditate 6 hours every day. We are friends and neighbors who have been sharing one another’s successes and mistakes for a lifetime, and our community continues to experiment, to learn and to thrive.

Our philosophy is about gaining self-knowledge and remaining empowered. Self-knowledge comes from the fact that you know better than anyone what increases or decreases your inner peace and brings you closer to what’s sacred; that you know better than anyone what’s working best for you. You gain self-knowledge by learning to trust yourself, your experiences and your instincts. And the self-knowledge gained is what then enables you to retain your power and not get disempowered by others.

Psychedelic experiences can be intensely sacred, intensely true and intensely beyond words. What we have learned is that everyday life – though much less intense – can be every bit as sacred and true. And silence during everyday life can literally be beyond words. So our site is about how to cultivate sacredness and silence in everyday life by becoming more aware of what’s obvious; not by searching for anything hidden or lost. The actual story of life on earth is so astonishing that reverence arises naturally – beliefs and faith need not figure in unless you want them to.     

We are made of stardust that somehow came alive and no one knows how or why that happened – no one knows what created life. Yet here we are – alive on a tiny speck of dirt and water floating through endless space. For many people including us, this mystery we call life is most sacred, and it fills us with awe and wonder. Our site is about how to relax into this mystery and be present in it every moment. Our website has been used by hundreds of thousands of people in over 200 countries.

The titles below are links to pages on our site, and the text following those are excerpts from those pages.

How To Meditate – Inner Peace Meditation

“Inner Peace Meditation is a free, easy, highly effective mantra meditation technique developed in part at Harvard Medical School. Someone who learned Inner Peace Meditation from our site wrote: ‘I have been meditating for many years having done intensive Vipassana and Mindfulness meditation yet felt that I had not found the right technique for me. This gentle mantra meditation works quite well. Thanx.’ (Lecia)

“You learn to meditate by meditating. The silence and stillness you experience in meditation and the increased happiness and diminished stress you experience outside meditation are so attractive and welcomed that you naturally teach yourself how to go deeper into that silence and stillness by meditating regularly.”

Freedom Is Being Present

“Silence and stillness – the absence of thoughts – cannot be known through words and ideas. They can only be known through experiencing them, just as you can only know what honeysuckle smells like by experiencing the smell. Words can be written about the smell of honeysuckle, but words can never describe, contain or convey the smell of honeysuckle.”

“Freedom is about having fewer thoughts. However, many people believe that freedom is gained by putting evermore thoughts and words into their head through studying teachings. Then what often happens is that all those words and thoughts become noisy barriers to achieving freedom.”

Why Be Good

“How do people determine if they can trust you? They look at whether you share their values. They look at whether you are truly living their values and not just talking about them.” 

“So, how do you build good values in yourself? How do you figure out if others share your values? Those questions and others are discussed below.”

“You build good values in yourself by continually acting on your intention to do the right thing. Through continually acting on your intention to do the right thing, doing the right thing becomes a habit that arises more spontaneously when you need it.”

“What is the right thing to do? How do you learn to recognize it, and then act on it? Life is usually happening too fast to stop and recall the information you have gathered. Instead you must learn to ‘feel your way’ for the right thing to do. Feeling your way for the right thing to do is about finding the right balance of instincts, intentions and values that results in everyone involved being closer to their goals. Finding that balance feels like standing on a balance board – one of those planks of wood that is resting on top of a cylinder in the middle …”

“Integrity, goodness, humility, honesty, fairness, loyalty, honor, kindness, patience and courage are quiet values. They are earned words that must be attributed to you by others; proclaiming them for yourself negates your claim.”

Your Beliefs Quiz

The quiz is for exploring and better understanding your beliefs and how they increase or decrease your inner peace. When finished you can download the Quiz, your answers and six important principles, all in a beautiful, free ebook. “Reading the questions opened my heart and my mind to a deeper level than I could have even imagined.”  (Catskills)

How To Know Whatever Created Life

Our mind wants our beliefs to be certain and true, which separates us from others, while our heart wants our beliefs to bring us closer to others and increase love. And so we are forced to choose between love and the certainty of our beliefs. Learn how to resolve this conflict.

“The ideas in this book have transformed my life. Letting go of certainty is such an amazing experience, especially for intellectuals trapped in their minds. I could never thank you enough for writing this book.”    (Robert)

Celebrate Life

“If you want your heart to be more open, if you want to feel more connected to others, get together with friends and sing. On this page are some songs we like to sing to celebrate being alive, and to express our gratitude, our wonder and our joy.”