Originally published at Chacruna.net by Adele Lafrance, PhD & Tanya Maté, ND

Integration is a hot topic among ayahuasca circles, and for good reason. Integration can involve emotional and spiritual support before and after ayahuasca use, as well as support to understand and incorporate teachings into day-to-day life. Both the person’s capacity for integration of the ayahuasca experience and the support for such integration can have an important influence on outcomes. For example, the integration process can heighten the positive effects of ayahuasca use, and it can make the difference between the unnecessary suffering of a so-called “bad trip” and a worthwhile experience that is both challenging and healing. There are also particular challenges faced by Westerners that make the need for integration all the more compelling. The good news is that more and more ayahuasca drinkers are seeking out this kind of support. However, given that access to integration services is still limited, we have compiled a list of practices that will allow you to take charge of your own integration….. read full article.

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