Alex Belser, PhD

Doctor of Psychology, Licensed Psychologist

Specialties: Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy, MDMA-assisted psychotherapy, ayahuasca and 5-meo-DMT psychedelic support, LGBTQ+ affirmative psychotherapy, trauma-informed care

Services Offered: Individual, couples, psychedelic integration (individuals), pre- and post-ritual counseling, trauma-focused psychotherapy, substance use disorder counseling, ketamine treatment, mind-body therapy, psychodynamic therapy, career counseling, research consultation (psychedelics)

Sessions: Telehealth (New York, NY)



Dr. Alex Belser is a Clinical Research Fellow and psychotherapy supervisor at Yale University.  His research focuses on developing psychedelic-psychotherapies to treat depression, anxiety, OCD, addiction, trauma, and for the betterment of well people.  At Yale, he is a Co-Investigator of two trials exploring psilocybin-treatment for OCD and depression. He also teachers in the master’s program in the Department of Applied Psychology at New York University. Dr. Belser is a study therapist for the MAPS Phase 3 trial of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of PTSD. He also has a small private practice and sees patients by telephone.

Dr. Belser was a founding member of the Psychedelic Research Group at New York University in 2006. He is the lead qualitative researcher on NYU’s Psilocybin Religious Leaders Study. He is also a consultant on qualitative research for NYU’s Psilocybin Alcohol Dependence Study.  Dr. Belser has received psychedelic clinical training in psilocybin-, ketamine-, and MDMA-assisted psychotherapies from senior clinicians in the field, including Dr. Bill Richards, Dr. Michael and Annie Mithoefer, and mentorship from Dr. Jeffrey Guss.  He has been granted funding from a number of funders of psychedelic research, including The Riverstyx Foundation, Heffter Research Institute, MAPS Public Benefit Corporation, and The San Francisco Foundation.

Dr. Belser teaches graduate school in New York University’s Department of Applied Psychology. Dr. Belser serves as a peer reviewer for a number of journals and completed his clinical and research training in psychology at Bellevue Hospital, New York Psychiatric Institute at Columbia University Medical Center, and Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital.  He is a graduate of Georgetown University and the University of Cambridge.  His website is His practice website is


How I work with clients

Are you looking to speak about your psychedelic experiences with someone who understands the terrain? I specialize in psychedelic support and have been active in psychedelic science for twenty years. I’m a Clinical Research Fellow at Yale University, and I work as a therapist for an MDMA-assisted psychotherapy study for severe PTSD. I’m a founding member of the NYU Psychedelic Research Group, where we study how psilocybin mushrooms and therapy can help treat mood problems like depression and anxiety, as well as addictive disorders, like alcoholism. See coverage in The Atlantic and Newsweek. Many people who have worked with psychedelics seek out support to talk about their experiences, which can range from confronting and difficult to visionary and mystical.

I have benefited from training with some of the most respected psychedelic clinicians in the field, including Bill Richards, Ph.D., lead psychologist at Johns Hopkins’ research group, and Dr. Michael and Annie Mithoefer, clinical supervisors for the MAPS MDMA trials. I have also been mentored by Dr. Jeffrey Guss, who is the Director of Psychedelic Psychotherapy at NYU. ​We have published a handful of peer-reviewed articles on mysticism, altruism, patient experiences in psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy, cancer and psychedelic therapy, as well as case studies. I offer a transformative approach with evidence-based technical guidance for the whole person: body, mind and soul. My work focuses on how to relieve suffering and help people transform their lives. Our approach is integral, drawing on physical, cognitive, and emotional aspects of the whole person and grounded in scientific evidence.


Psychologist (#023346 New York)


Clinical Research Fellow (Yale University)
Ph.D., Adjunct Instructor (New York University)
Masters in Psychology Coursework (Columbia University)
Masters in Philosophy (Cambridge University)
BA (Georgetown)



Online Sessions


Location Online, Telehealth, New York, New York City

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