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We can achieve true decentralized psychedelic care together. Access providers with specialized knowledge and give back to the community as your skills develop.

Introducing Professional Connect

Psychedelic Support created Professional Connect, a first of its kind tool to help professionals build their network to optimize psychedelic care and stay on the cutting-edge of psychedelic medicine. Offer your services and find exactly what you need to thrive in your psychedelic career.

Find a Supervisor your psychedelic study

Seek a Supervisor

It's easy to find a supervisor to complete your licensure and psychedelic therapy supervision requirements with Professional Connect. You can signal to the community what you're looking, and find providers to supervise you in the modality or substance you're most interested in.

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Find a Prescriber for Ketamine and other psychedelics

Find a Prescriber

If you're interested in practicing with ketamine you'll need a professional relationship with a prescribing physician or nurse practitioner. Use Professional Connect to browse prescribers in your state who offer prescription referral services and make the connection for free.

Find a Prescriber
Build Co-Therapy team for delivering Psychedelic Therapy

Build a Co-Therapy Team

Best practice for delivering psychedelic medicines calls for a co-therapy team present during medicine sessions. Anticipated FDA regulations for MDMA and Psilocybin administrations will require a co-therapy team. Get a head start in finding your perfect therapy partners with Professional Connect.

Network with Providers
Hire a star for your Psychedelic Therapy clinic or office

Hire a Star ✨

Use Professional Connect to find opportunities in your location and area of expertise. Whether you're looking to join a practice or build out your clinic, Professional Connect can put you in touch with other providers who can help you realize your goals.

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