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Harm Reduction & Integration Therapy (HRIT)
Multiple Contributors
Harm Reduction
- June 21, 2021
Iboga and Ibogaine Harm Reduction
Ryan Rich
Harm Reduction
- June 15, 2021
KAP: Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy with Dr. James Woods
James Woods, MA, MD
Mental Health
- June 6, 2021
Psychedelics and Acupuncture in Tandem
Nicole McCray
Mental Health
- June 1, 2021
Older Adults and Psychedelics
Nancy Rhine, LMFT
- May 26, 2021
MDMA Couples Therapy with Dr. Anne Wagner
Anne Wagner, PhD, C.Psych
- May 12, 2021
Ethics of Psychedelic Evolution Needed to Protect Indigenous
Skyler Bascom, LPC
- May 10, 2021
The Triggers are the Medicine
Sonia Hsieh
Mental Health
- May 3, 2021