Equity Statement

Psychedelic Support is committed to making healing accessible to all. We acknowledge the imbalance in access to mental health treatment in general, as well as to psychedelics and plant medicines in particular, for historically oppressed groups. As an online community that connects individuals seeking integrative mental healthcare with licensed mental health practitioners, there are several ways we support diversity, equity, and inclusion to promote healing in alignment with the values of the Medicine.

  1. We continually broaden our practitioner network and community groups to reflect the rich diversity of the plant medicine and psychedelic community.
    1. Practitioners and Community Groups can list the identities that they hold, the groups they serve, and the specialties they offer.
    2. Clients can search across these identities and specialty areas to find a practitioner or group.
    3. If you know of a licensed mental health practitioner or community group who should list with us, please reach out to us at info@psychedelic.support
  2. Through our web courses and monthly webinars, we aim to highlight diverse speakers whose experience reflects the richness of our community.
    1. We acknowledge the long history indigenous cultures and communities have with plant medicines, and we invite indigenous speakers to teach from their experience.
    2. We welcome speakers from diverse backgrounds - including BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, disabled, varied geographic backgrounds, etc - to share about their contributions to the field as well as their lived experiences as a member of a historically oppressed community.
  3. Psychedelic Support awards Diversity Scholarships quarterly for our webcourses, prioritizing high-potential individuals, particularly those who serve or who identify as low income, BIPOC, women, LBGTQ+, and people with disabilities to ensure that historically underrepresented people are included in the future of psychedelics.