Heather Busch, MEd

Clinical Behavior Analyst
Barcelona B
I USE AN OUT-OF-THE-BOX APPROACH TO HELP YOU… ACCEPT -Change your relationship with your thoughts and feelings DEFUSE -Develop psychological flexibility around the narratives you have become fused with INTEGRATE -Create habits of value based behavior COMMIT -Change patterns that prevent you from living a flexible, meaningful, and enjoyable life I PROVIDE… -Sessions online for my clients all over the globe and in-person in the Barcelona area -An evidence-based, compassionate, knowledgeable, holistic, authentic, integrative, and naturalistic approach tailored to your individual needs -Acceptance strategies, mindfulness techniques, and behavioral approaches designed to expand your experience
I am Heather, a Clinical Behavior Analyst and ACT practitioner. For over 2 decades I have used the principles of behavior to help a variety of people learn new ways to understand and interact with their environment. Through the use of evidence-based methods, I help individuals make changes to their behavior and move forward in alignment with their values. I work with individuals with a wide range of diagnoses with the primary focus on improving psychological flexibility and behavior change.
WHAT YOU'LL GET: It starts with an introductory phone call where we can discuss your needs, any problems you are having, and if this service is a good fit for you. WHAT DOES A SESSION LOOK LIKE? Our work together will include… -Planning for and implementing changes into your life -Recognizing the problems you are having and do something about them -Becoming aware of where you want to go and how to get there -Taking steps towards creating more feelings of hope, confidence, and self-efficacy AND THEN WHAT? Integrating what you have learned into your behavior moving forward. ACT is used to help clients become aware of and choose to behave in alignment with their values in the presence of challenges. That is why I support my clients both in and out of sessions by… -Providing guidance through especially difficult moments or when questions come up -Linking you to other resources that will help you make meaningful adjustments to your environment -Giving you optional exercises to take home that will help with expanding on the work you do in session