Melissa Yost, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
St. Petersburg FL
My practice is entirely online, thanks to an amazing virtual office called Simple Practice. You can do therapy from the comfort of home and enjoy the flexibility of online scheduling as well. In working with clients, my role is to be a safe space, customized for each individual client based on their unique set of needs and characteristics. We usually take a couple of sessions to get to know one another and lay out a tentative road map for how the work may go. I'll offer my suggestions for what may treatment approach might benefit you, as well as hear your input and goals for what you'd like to get out of therapy. If you are planning to utilize psychedelics legally and would like assistance with integration, we will work together to time your therapy sessions appropriately and coordinate care with your medical provider as appropriate.
I'm a nature lover, yogi, mom to three kids (+ 1 cat, 1 dog, and occasional foster kittens). I've been in private practice since 2013 in Florida where I work with individuals ready to make big changes in their lives. I've been trained as a yoga instructor but currently am not actively teaching, although I still practice regularly and enjoy incorporating yogic principles and techniques into therapy.
Trauma sensitive yoga can be added to your treatment, as well as lessons and practice in mindfulness. Life coaching is another option to consider, especially if you are located outside of Florida or Pennsylvania and are looking for more general support during a time of change in your life.