Alchemy Integration

Community Group
Salt Lake City UT
Professional Development Due to the rapid rise in the use of psychedelics and other altered states experiences as modalities for healing, many patients are arriving to their traditional psychotherapy appointments w/ greater expectations of the therapist. As such, it has become clear to us that therapists would benefit from learning and implementing a greater scope of tools to enhance their current approach to treatment. This course has been designed to introduce and explore various modalities and theoretical constructs in order to prepare therapists to more skillfully address mental, emotional, spiritual and collective conditions in more embodied ways as they present themselves in the patient—specifically post psychedelic and altered states experiences. We will be drawing from multiple techniques, including mindfulness practices, depth oriented and archetypal psychotherapy and symbolism, shamanic practices, plant based aromatics, sound and somatic techniques. Integration Webinars Join us online for our monthly webinars with topics curated to support you and your patients through various integration processes.