Psychedelic Education Scholarship

Everyone should have access to evidence-based psychedelic education

We are proud to offer a six-month scholarship for students and practitioners to take our courses as a means of enhancing diversity in the field of psychedelic medicine. Continuing education credits (CE/CME) are available for health professionals.

We prioritize scholarships for high-potential individuals, particularly those who serve or who identify as low income, BiPOC, women, LBGTQ+, and people with disabilities to ensure that historically underrepresented people are included in the future of psychedelics!

Beyond financial aid, this scholarship aims to foster a collaborative environment between awardees and dedicated scholars, researchers, and practitioners in the field of psychedelic science.

We sincerely look forward to supporting and collaborating with you and welcome any questions you may have!

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When is the application due?
Each quarter Psychedelic Support will review responses to our scholarship application, please find the scholarship due dates as follows:
Application Due Date
Q1April 15
Q2July 15
Q3October 15
Q4January 15
How do I apply for scholarship?
Fill out this application. It takes about 10 minutes to complete - Apply Now
When will I hear if I’ve been chosen for scholarship?
Psychedelic Support will review and process applications within 30 days of the application due date.