Big Psych

Community Group
Minneapolis MN
Minneapolis Psychedelic Symposium: A Trip Into Your Experience: Our first annual Psychedelic conference was held on August 15th, 2021. Collective progress is supported by the many ways of knowing. We support this sentiment by nurturing access to and representations of the cultural, environmental, scientific, spiritual, and communal explorations of psychedelics. Looking forward to next years ceremony! Vent.ilation: A community based peer support program. Whether you need to vent, get feedback, ask questions, or reflect on a psychedelic experience, your time is confidential and catered to your comfort zone. Book: This book series is a platform for the everyday person to share a record of their psychedelic experiences. From poetry to visual art, to personal stories, this collection of psychedelic expression will be published in the summer of 2021. The first book is based around the prompt: What is a Trip? Big Psych Mic: A space for our community to share experiences, ask questions, and normalize psychedelic conversations through all forms of expression and media. We come together the first Sunday of every month to enjoy workshops, film, local creators, mushroom cultivation, legal advice, and more!