BIPOC Integration Circle, The Ancestor Project

Community Group
New York NY
This gathering is for BIPOC who have had a psychedelic experience in the past. We hold BIPOC Integration Circles twice a month as a safe space to share anything you'd like about your journeys in altered states of consciousness. All circles are facilitated by TSP co-creators, Charlotte and Dre. We open the circle with introductions and intention setting, followed by a prayer of gratitude to our ancestors led by Dre. We will then discuss and set group norms, and open the circle for sharing. We always close with a short guided group meditation led by Charlotte. The purpose of a psychedelic integration circle is to create a safe space for people to talk about non-ordinary states of consciousness and offer emotional support, educational information, and harm reduction strategies to individuals who use psychedelic and entheogenic substances. We can’t ignore the fact that many psychedelic and consciousness expanding communities are overwhelmingly White. We are committed to carving out space for BIPOC journeyers of all backgrounds to integrate powerful experiences into their everyday lives for radical personal + communal transformation. This circle is free. Please respect that this is a safe space for BIPOC. All other Ancestor Project events are open to all folx. Thank you.