Vancouver Women in Psychedelics and Entheogens

Community Group
Vancouver BC
This is group is for female-identifying individuals to come together in a safe and supportive environment to discuss all things that support informed, intentional, and safe psychedelic use. *Sourcing and/or supplying of illegal substances is strictly forbidden at this meetup. We've been looking for a local community of like-minded, female-identifying individuals who are interested in talking about (and advocating for) informed, intentional, and safe use of psychedelic use for transformation, wellness, and healing. Since we couldn't find a community...we've decided to make one! Come join us if you are just curious about psychedelics, if you are an experienced psychonaut, and/or if you are a professional working in the field. Let's co-create this community! Do we want guest speakers? Do we want to learn about complementary modalities and practices to support the use of psychedelics? Do we want to deep dive into traditional, indigenous use of plant medicines? Do we want to have an "integration circle" portion of the meetup? Do we want to learn about investment opportunities? Do we want to take on advocacy efforts? Or do we just want a casual meetup where we can feel safe and supported to generally discuss our interests and experiences? The event will be held in a community room. We'll provide some herbal tea. Feel free to bring light refreshments to share.