The Psilocybin Assisted Therapy Association

Community Group
Portland OR
Mental health is important. Whether your goals are to further personal self-growth, overcome anxiety/depression or PTSD, assist with substance abuse recovery or smoking cessation, aid with issues around death and dying, or address disordered eating, our goal is to help empower you to make the best decision for you. Our programs are data driven with the sole intent of making a psilocybin session the most productive for you. Our primary programs include: -Educating the community about the benefits of PAT, thereby reducing the stigma of using psilocybin therapeutically and for personal growth. -Offering a free Self-Assessment Tool that provides clients with the best means to reach their therapeutic outcomes with a focus on mental health therapy. -Providing our Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy Association (PATA) Model supported by clinical resources and information to both consumers and therapists interested in PAT. -Equipping consumers with guidelines and resources enabling them to choose the best provider for their individual therapeutic needs. Including information about Oregon Psilocybin Services. -Advocating for the advancement of PAT and psychedelics from the local to international levels We believe that psilocybin as a natural product has an extraordinary ability when taken to help individuals with issues such as trauma, depression, anxiety to achieve clinical improvements when facilitated by trained mental health therapists.