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Practitioners Experiential Integration Retreat

Practitioners Experiential Integration Retreat

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Training Description

With the renaissance of psychedelic medicines, it’s important for clinicians and practitioners to be familiar with how they work and, especially, how to support their client’s integration of their experience.

This 5-day retreat in majestic Big Sur, California, will provide experiential opportunities, integration practices, and practical information for practitioners seeking to deepen their connection and knowledge of psychedelic states. Practitioners will learn preparation for, holding space for, and integration of expanded states of awareness (ESA) while working with their own psycho-spiritual development. Experiential sessions include a low-dose oral or IM ketamine experience, breathwork, shamanic drum journey, art process, movement, ceremony, and group process work. Screening and intake for ketamine sessions are offered to participants through a medical provider.

Retreat attendees will have the option of an ongoing, year-long Growth Group where they engage in their personal unfoldment, commit to the group process, and learn skills to work with clients who request integration for expanded states of awareness. This may include ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) clients who work with a KAP-trained therapist for initial treatment and who need ongoing integration post-medicine sessions. While this training is not a training on psychedelic administration, it is a way to deepen skills-based training and can be taken before or after other didactic trainings.

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is for both new and experienced clinicians, ketamine providers, psychedelic therapists, guides, healthcare professionals, integration coaches, and anyone supporting others after expanded states of awareness. Each retreat is limited to 12 participants.

Training Curriculum
  • One low-dose oral or IM ketamine session and integration
  • Experiential breathwork, shamanic drum journey, art process, movement, ceremony, and group process work. 
  • Ceremony as set and setting, and for integration
  • Spiritual emergence vs psychotic breaks
  • Basics on the legal use of ketamine for mental health
  • Traditional psychotherapy vs integration
  • Respect for the client’s innate healing intelligence (inner healer)
  • Theories and methods that lend themselves well to integration
  • Using mythology vs “woundology” perceptual shift
  • Art for Access integration technique
  • 3 categories of a client’s psycho-spiritual center of gravity

About the Instructors:

Jennifer, a licensed therapist, and Cristin, a spiritual counselor and retired therapist, are both graduates of the CIIS Certification in Psychedelic Therapy and Research program, full mesa-carriers and long-time students of Andean Cosmology and earth-based practices. Jennifer brings her art therapy and yoga to the mix and Cristin brings her experience in wilderness rites of passage and depth psychology, and Nia movement, making their offering creative, intuitive and connected to the natural world. Both are trained in and practice Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). Professional medical provider, Julie Vilardi, PMHNP, is trained in ketamine therapy, and will be present to administer the ketamine.


The retreats take place at Kayru Lodge – a beautiful, private yurt at a Big Sur residence (25 min from Carmel). It is highly encouraged to stay on the land for the full experience. Lodging options include a few paid private indoor options (additional cost), or camping on the land or sleeping bag space in the yurt (no cost). One healthy meal per day will be provided as well as coffee and tea. Participants will have access to an outdoor kitchen and outdoor bathroom with a hot shower. Hiking trails and Pacific Ocean views on site. Covid vaccinations/negative tests are recommended. Current safety precautions will be observed.  

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Meet your Training Instructors:
Jennifer Allen, LMFT, ATR-BC
Jennifer has been practicing as a licensed therapist and art therapist for 30 years, specializing in trauma and grief. She is the author of Boneknowing and a workshop & group facilitator. In 2018 she received a certificate from CIIS (California Institute for Integral Studies) in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy and Research and completed KAP training (Ketamine Training Center). Currently, she specializes in KAP (ketamine-assisted psychotherapy) and the integration of expanded states of consciousness. She is a full mesa carrier and student of Shamanism and is trained in Depth Hypnosis and yoga. She currently offers clinician’s integration retreats and a variety of groups.
Jennifer Allen, LMFT, ATR-BC
Bone Knowing
Cristin Devine
Cristin has been a student of wellness for most of her adult life. She began her career living off the land in Alaska, then moved to the deserts and mountains of the lower 48, working in the field of wilderness therapy and training as a wilderness rites of passage guide with Animas Valley Institute. She received her Masters in Counseling from Pacifica Graduate Institute with an emphasis in Jungian and depth psychology. Cristin gained additional certification in psychedelic-assisted therapy and research from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She has been a student of mindfulness with the Diamond Approach and shamanism with the Andean Research Institute. As a farmer, homesteader, retired psychotherapist, NIA instructor, and Reiki practitioner, Cristin brings a unique perspective on wellness through a variety of modalities.
Cristin Devine
Spiritual Counselor
Private Practice
Extra Info

Retreat Date Options:

  • June 20, 2024 to June 24, 2024 (sold out)
  • July 25, 2024 to July 29, 2024 (1 spot left)
  • September 12, 2024 to September 16, 2024

Pricing Options:

  • The 5-day retreat is $1,560
  • Early bird pricing at $1,460 (registering and full payment 3+ months prior to the retreat start date)
  • Previous attendees' pricing at $1,360
  • Payment and deposit instructions are provided after the application has been confirmed.
  • Complete payment is due 2 months prior to the retreat start date. 
  • Ketamine Medical Provider's charge is separate ($200 if you have been seen for ketamine within the year, $375 otherwise.) 

Cancellation Policy:

The $200 deposit is non-refundable. Participants need to cancel up to 2 weeks in advance to receive a 75% refund. If canceled after the 2-week-in-advance period, they can use the credit for future training or receive a 50% refund (minus the $200 deposit).