Aaron Garmon, Facilitator

Psilocybin Facilitator
Corvallis OR
First we determine if I'm a good fit as your Facilitator. There are Facilitators from many walks of life I can refer you to if you would be better served. It's important that you feel at ease around the person facilitating for you. Next we will have a preparation session with tea or cacao ceremony. This will provide time for you to feel how I hold space for your process. This is when you choose and loosely hold the direction for your Journey, and clarify anything about the process. Sometimes the experience goes in a totally different direction, but spending time in contemplation beforehand is a necessary beginning. On Journey Day: You and “the Medicine”(psilocybin) leading the way, I’m here to help your journey be a smooth one. This is a full day, in many ways, but the time under influence is about four to eight hours. Time will feel non-linear, and much like dreaming, thoughts and visions will come and go. I can help capture some notes and cues for later. This is a time for being and allowing the experience to flow over you. Integration: The first day or two, your mind will be more flexible. This is an opportunity to take a new view at your interactions with the world and self. It’s also a time of impressionability, so keeping your environment supportive is important. I will check in with you and offer an integration session where we can go over notes and memories from your Journey day. The integration process will likely extend long after, as you live with a potentially new perspective, and begin to understand how that ripple continues. Support: Ongoing support is going to maximize the benefits of the work you already put in. This can be from a therapist, close friend, or psychedelic peer group. I can help you find one that fits your needs. Don’t expect to understand everything right away, the journey after the Journey can be the best part.
With a background in addiction treatment and festival harm reduction, I'm able to help people regulate themselves in tough situations. A big different with Facilitation is the opportunity to prepare together. Creating the intentions, setting, and safety around the psilocybin experience allow for much better outcomes.
Oregon Licensed psilocybin experiences for individuals and small groups.