Abigail Merin, PsyD

Doctor of Psychology

Specialties: Mood disorders, concealable stigma, LGBTQA issues, couples therapy, psychedelic integration therapy, sex therapy

Services Offered: Individual, couple, psychedelic integration (individuals), pre- and post-ritual counseling, psychiatric diagnosis, psychodynamic therapy, relational and family therapy

Sessions: In person (New York, NY)

Website: www.abbymerinpsyd.com


Dr. Merin received her doctorate in psychology from the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology. She has trained at various hospital centers in the Manhattan and Newark areas, including Columbia University Medical Center and New York State Psychiatric Institute in Manhattan, as well as UMDNJ’s University Behavioral HealthCare in Newark, NJ. At these sites, Dr. Merin provided individual and group therapy, as well as family and couple therapy to those in need. Additionally, Dr. Merin is a certified sex therapist. Dr. Merin is licensed to practice psychology in New York.

Working primarily from a psychodynamic background, Dr. Merin also has experience with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Family Systems Therapy. She has worked with individuals struggling with various mood management and emotion regulation difficulties, substance use problems, and interpersonal struggles, such as relationship difficulties and social anxiety.

With a research focus on the psychological consequences of concealable stigma, Dr. Merin is deeply familiar with the internal struggles present when one feels the need to reach out for help. Concealable stigma may refer to anything an individual is ashamed of that is not visible to the naked eye. In particular, Dr. Merin has researched the psychological consequences of stigma relating to sexually transmitted diseases, sexual minority (LGBTQ) individuals, and of those facing general difficulties related to mental health issues.

Recently, Dr. Merin has gained an interest in research on psychedelic assisted therapies, attending workshops and conferences that educate on the therapeutic potential of psychedelic substances when administered in a safe, controlled environment by medical professionals in conjunction with therapy provided by licensed professionals. As such, Dr. Merin is able to assist with integration therapy those who have either participated in the aforementioned research studies or who have sought out psychedelic experiences on their own and need to continue to work on integrating these either positive or negative experiences into their daily lives.


How I work with clients

I work collaboratively with patients to create a safe space to explore and understand patterns and obstacles that are contributing to what’s bothering them right now. My goal is to provide a place patients feel understood, and where we can work together to figure out what changes need to be made and how to make them. Patients and clients are the experts on their life and histories, and I will bring expertise from my clinical and academic training to help you work toward your goals.

I’m trained in both individual and couples therapy. With individuals, I take an active, often interpersonal approach to therapy, combining psychodynamic, relational, and CBT elements. With couples, my role is, in part, to help each other be heard and bridge the communication divide that so often occurs in relationships.


Psychology (#020305 NY)


Doctorate in Psychology (Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, Yeshiva University)
Bachelor of Arts (Columbia University)


Attendee and facilitator for Psychedelics 101/102 workshop, Certified Sex Therapist



Online Sessions


Location New York, New York City

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