Abraham Sharkas, NCC, LAC

Licensed Associate Counselor, Nationally Certified Counselor
Montclair NJ
I approach therapy as a collaborative, client-centered journey, where my primary role is to guide, empower, and support you. I am committed to listening deeply, understanding your unique experiences, and navigating challenges together. My practice integrates innovative treatments, such as Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy and specifically Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, tailored to enrich your healing experience when suitable. Therapy is paced thoughtfully according to your individual needs, fostering a supportive and non-judgmental environment. My practice is built upon a foundation of trust and openness, enabling a genuine connection that facilitates profound personal transformation. This process is designed to be adaptive and responsive, ensuring that each session contributes effectively toward managing anxiety, navigating life transitions, or pursuing deep personal growth. Whether you are seeking to overcome specific mental health challenges, explore aspects of your self and life, or simply aspire to a more fulfilling existence, I am here to walk with you on this path. Together, we will explore your thoughts and feelings in a space that respects and validates your personal journey towards a richer, more rewarding life.
I am a counselor and an emerging educator, currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision. My specialty lies in psychedelic-assisted integration therapy, leveraging a rich background in multicultural psychology and insights from Eastern philosophies and Sufism. My academic foundations were laid at Arizona State University, where I earned a degree in psychology with a focus on Taoism and Tibetan Buddhism. I further enriched my expertise with graduate studies in applied positive psychology in the UK, emphasizing Sufism. With over eight years of immersive study and experience in both clinical and non-clinical settings, I am adept at implementing Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy, guided by principles of harm reduction. Based in [City, State], my practice is dedicated to fostering transformative healing while upholding the highest standards of ethical practice and cultural sensitivity. As I advance in my Ph.D. program, my role is expanding from therapy into education, where I am preparing to significantly contribute to the evolving field of psychedelic-assisted therapies. I am committed to educating future counselors in this innovative area, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle the complexities of modern therapeutic challenges with competence and compassion.
My practice offers a range of tailored programs that cater to the individual and relationship needs of those seeking growth and healing. In Individual Therapy & Counseling, I provide a personalized approach, focusing on specific challenges and aspirations unique to each client to guide them on their path to wellness. My Couples and Relationship Counseling employs effective strategies from the Gottman Method and other strength-based approaches to enhance communication, deepen emotional connections, and strengthen relationships. To ensure flexibility and accessibility, I offer both In-Person and Telehealth Services, allowing clients to choose the mode of therapy that best fits their circumstances and ensures they receive continuous support, no matter their location. This adaptability makes it easier for clients to maintain consistency in their therapeutic journey, accommodating a range of lifestyle needs and preferences. Each of these offerings is crafted to provide a supportive, transformative experience, designed to meet the unique needs of my clients, helping them achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life.