Adam Kadmon, LCSW

Therapist and Clinical Supervisor
Austin TX
I work to create a highly collaborative and empowering relationship in therapy which emphasizes resilience, empowerment, and the ability to heal at any stage of life from experiences of trauma and abuse. My approach emphasizes in-depth exploration of mental health challenges with compassion and curiosity to not only manage symptoms of mental illness but also to identify and address the core emotional wounds underlying many of our most common mental health struggles. We work together to integrate the body, emotions, and mind to maximize a holistic approach to therapy and healing work. Clients can expect to receive greater insight and ability to transform the emotional roots of their core challenges in life related to PTSD, anxiety, and depression. New practices for how to process trauma and regulate their emotions are core components of every treatment I offer. Clients can expect to engage in their lives and healing in new ways with the holistic approach we develop together which links integrates mind and body with existential and spiritual aspects of their experiences.
I come from a working-class family from the rural Midwestern U.S and lived there until attending music school at Berklee College of Music in Boston. After years of pursuing a career as a professional guitarist and music teacher, I found my true calling in helping others through the practice of therapy and the study of psychology and philosophy. I completed my undergraduate and graduate degrees at The University of Texas at Austin Steve Hicks School of Social Work while also pursuing interdisciplinary studies in social inequality, health, and policy. I have worked as a therapist in many different settings including adult literacy and workforce development, community mental health with adolescents involved in the juvenile justice system, ketamine clinics, and group therapy practices. In my time outside of being a therapist, I love to practice Ashtanga Yoga, read, practice Zen meditation, learn Spanish, cook, be outdoors, spend time with my partner and friends, and pursue my own path to healing as a fellow trauma survivor and psychonaut.
I offer individual and group consultations focused on existential and spiritual elements of trauma healing, Inner Child reparenting practices, integration of challenging psychedelic experiences, and generalized support on all topics related to complex/developmental trauma healing and working with psychedelic and plant medicines in therapeutic practice.