Adam Knowles, MA

London ENG
I offer 50 minute session, in-person or online, where we talk about what's on your mind while attending to bodily sensations and whatever else comes up. Sessions are led by you, but I stay engaged and motivated toward what you want to address.
I am a London (UK)-based psychotherapist trained at Regent’s University comprising psychodynamic, integrative and existential approaches. I maintain a small private practice after a 20 year career leading teams in technology. Other interests are LGBT+ issues, yoga and the sauna. I completed an Advanced Diploma in Existential Psychotherapy and am now doing a PhD in ayahuasca research. I am a member of the professional body for therapists in the UK the UKCP and the SEA (an existential group). My contributions have featured in Therapy Today, the Hermeneutic Circular and Reflections journal.