Adam Saunders, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor
Vancouver BC
My approach is deeply somatic, relational, attachment-focused, empathic and emotion focused. I am here to drop into deeper layers of our being together.
Healer Heal Thyself I grew up in a loving family, that I am grateful for despite their human shortcomings and errors. Yet as a child I had severe anxiety, depression, and self-hatred. I thought it was just the way I was. It wasnt until I was 27 that I understood that these were mostly my trauma symptoms, not who I was. At that age during my Masters program, i was fortunate to have the opportunity to partake in a trauma healing session that was deeply somatic and emotion focused. It transformed me, inspired me, and has led me forth. It wasnt integrated well, but it was a window that helped me to see the impact of trauma, the power of somatic therapies, and the possibilities for transformation.