Aimee Beyers, AMFT, APCC

Marriage and Family Therapist Associate, Professional Clinical Counselor Associate
Los Angeles CA
In our sessions, your struggles, triumphs, and curiosities, will be met with reverence and compassion. I embrace a creative and collaborative approach to conversation that recognizes circumstance and invites possibility. I also care deeply about honoring personal identity; especially the aspects of being that go against the grain of dominant culture. By exploring the multitudes within you, we can unearth your own unique and vast inner resources— making it easier to navigate life's challenges with your values and preferences at the forefront. While I work with a range of themes, I have an affinity towards conversations that address and honor the unknown and more murky aspects of life such as: life transitions, existing in-between cultures, feeling "out of place," intergenerational trauma, psychedelic exploration, sexuality, and the complexities of a creative or entrepreneurial career. With couples: cultural differences, sexual preferences, discord, and the exploration of desired relationship dynamics are of particular interest. Ultimately, I believe that your story matters! I am committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment for emotional expression, imagination, and meaning making. Please feel free to call for a free initial 15-minute phone conversation or visit my website for more information.
I earned my MA in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University in Los Angeles and am currently registered as an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist, #136653, and an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor, #12978. I am supervised by Chrissy Comlish, LMFT #93513. Previously, I received my Bachelor's degree in Music. For over a decade I’ve worked as a musician and songwriter along with roles in various other creative fields. As an immigrant, I’m familiar with complexities related to immigration, multicultural relationships, and navigating personal identity within a dominant culture. Because of my background, I am particularly fascinated with the exploration of the unknown and drawn to work with people who think creatively.