Alan Bordeville, MEd Counselling Psychology

Licensed Therapist UK

Specialties: Personal development

Services Offered: Individual, group, psychedelic integration (individuals), psychedelic integration (groups), pre- and post-ritual counseling, holistic approaches, mind-body therapy, mindfulness training

Sessions: Telehealth & In person (London, UK)



I am a master’s level therapist with 10+ years in health and wellbeing. My background is in health science and counselling psychology, and I have an interest in the mind-body connection. I am also very interested in the therapeutic benefits of creative process, psychedelic experience, and immersive technology.

How I work with clients

My work with clients is non-directive. Each client has their own unique ability to heal and grow, I simply facilitate the process. I strive to create a physical and psychological space that is not only professional, but also relaxed with an openness to creative possibilities.


Licensed British Association of Counseling and Psychotherapy Therapist (UK #251337 )


Masters in Counselling Psychology (The University of British Columbia)


Bachelor's Degree in Health Science



Online Sessions


Location United Kingdom, London

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