Alessandra Santos Pye, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Kalamazoo MI
Offering sublingual Ketamine Assisted Therapy in person. I also currently hold space for clients hoping to prepare and integrate their experiences with psychedelics via Telehealth. A licensed therapist can help you gain clarity about origins, patterns, and impact of the issues you are having difficulty with, and support your intention setting process. A well rounded professional understands the multiple levels of preparation required for a successful experience. After you take the medicine, it is imperative that you participate in integration sessions in order to unpack and make sense of your journey. Psychedelic experiences can be confusing and overwhelming at times- a trained professional can support you with processing insights and create a plan to remain connected and accountable to your intentions. If you decide to work with me, please know that I draw from non-appropriative cultural wisdom traditions in which I have been trained in or initiated with, my clinical studies in psychotherapy, and continuous training in psychedelic therapy.
Alessandra Santos Pye is a psychedelic assisted therapist, psychotherapist, facilitator and artist. Her clinical approach and facilitation offerings center relational dynamics rooted in ceremony, restorative justice, trauma informed care, and the expressive arts. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, original territory of the Tupi Guarani, her identity is multifaceted by Indigenous, West African, and European ancestry. Alessandra is the Founder and Creative Director of the Chrysalis Institute, whose mission is to expand the spectrum of opportunities available to emerging BI&POC artists by supporting self-exploration, self-care, and contemplative practices. She is at home in group retreat environments and values crafting experiences that are both engaging and restorative. Alessandra has earned post-graduate certificates from the Center for Psychedelic Studies and Research at the California Institute of Integral Sciences and the Naropa Center for Psychedelic Studies. She currently serves Naropa University as core faculty, and cohort leader for the Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy certificate program. Alessandra also supports MAPS-PBC education offerings as a program assistant. She is a member of the American Psychedelic Practitioners Association and is deeply passionate about processes involving thoughtful preparation, delivery, and integration of psychedelic experiences. Please visit CURANDO.INFO for more.
Sublingual Ketamine Assisted Therapy - in person Psychedelic Preparation and Integration sessions - via telehealth