Alessio Faggioli, BSc

Prague PR
The work consists in creating a safe, honest, confidential and supportive environment where the client is being held and not judged. I personally place a lot of emphasis in helping the client to gain awareness and to begin or to continue his/her journey towards his/her own true Self.
I was born in Italy and since I was a child I have been interested in human behaviours which become an integral part of my life. My curiosity brought me to pursue first a degree in science and to move abroad straight after the completion of my studies. After living in London for a year I decided to go to Mexico where I lived for 3 years. After returning to Italy, I became interested in plants and this interest brought me couple of times to South America where I stayed with different indigenous communities in Colombia and in Peru, learning from medicine man how they approach and heal mental illnesses. After several years spent in Florence, I decided to move to Ireland where I lived for 8 years. I would say these have been the most significant years of my life in terms of self-development. It was there where I studied and practiced Zen meditation and Tibetan Buddhism. Those practices have shaped me and reinforced the connection with myself: an inner space to come back to! Although I was very committed to my spiritual practise, I felt that I couldn’t bring the peace I was experiencing in my practise into my everyday life and I decided to apply for a Bachelor in Counselling and Psychotherapy. My initial intention was to do only the first two years of the personal development part without becoming a psychotherapist. However, during my second year in college I had a big crisis, which lasted for over a year. The process of going through our own life, our own conditioning and try to set us free, it is a painful and very rewarding process. Coming back to myself required a significant effort, I remember that I had a constant idea to give up and move away. The realization came through my teachers and my therapists, from their kindness and their support. Being in an honest human connection nurtured me internally, the non-judgmental therapy helped me to drop my defences and access my internal core, where I felt met for the first time, an experience beyond words.