Alex Borovoy, RP

Toronto ON
Something uncanny can happen to us in relationships. Our experiences can lead to us becoming less of who we are, as we learn to live up to, or to be, what others expect of us. Parts of who we are can feel as if they have been lost entirely. As we explore in therapy how some of this might have happened to you, something equally uncanny can occur. As we learn how your accommodations to others have affected your present, it also becomes possible to see how your life can be different, as you integrate more of your natural authentic self, your vitality, and your spontaneity. In our sessions I listen with care to actually hear what your life experiences have been for you.
The natural next step in my evolution as a person and as therapist, has led me to training in the integration of the potentially transformative and healing experiences that induced, non-ordinary states of consciousness experiences can offer.