Alexander Camargo, PsyD

New York City NY
With all clients, I take a warm, practical, and open approach to help my clients gain greater self-understanding, clarify their what matters to them, and make the changes they seek. I understand that every individual has a unique set of experiences and challenges, and so I take a person-centered approach that acknowledges each person's autonomy. I encourage my clients to work through difficult and scary thoughts, unhelpful patterns, and overwhelming feelings for the purpose of developing healthy coping skills and fresh perspectives on challenges that once seemed insurmountable. I believe that the mind, body, and spirit are interconnected. Throughout my career I have sought to engage with clients in a holistic and ongoing process of finding greater authenticity, creativity, connection to themselves and to others, and satisfaction. This perspective informs how I approach psychedelic harm reduction and integration psychotherapy. Psychedelic harm reduction and integration therapy focuses on creating an open and safe environment in which individuals may clarify their motivations, intentions, and expectations for psychedelic use while seeking to limit potential harms and risks of psychedelic use. Integration focuses on developing meaning and building an understanding of your experience, working through any challenges, developing key insights related your sense of self, your past, relationships, spirituality, values, etc.; and how to integrate these insights into your daily life. My approach will be focused on fostering ongoing growth that continues beyond the therapy room.
I received my doctorate in psychology from Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology and my bachelor’s degree from Yale University. I have trained at various hospital centers, urban schools, and low-income outpatient clinics, providing psychotherapy services to individuals across the lifespan and from diverse racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. At these sites, I provided individual, couples, and group therapy to those in need. I have worked with clients to address therapeutic issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, grief/bereavement, relationship problems, issues of identity, and spiritual/existential crises. Prior to becoming a psychologist, I had a previous career. This has given me a unique perspective on the emotional and practical aspects of making significant changes in one’s life. As such, I frequently work with clients who are going through difficult life transitions (career, relationships, etc.) and hope to make lasting change. I am particularly passionate about engendering a greater sense of self-efficacy, strength, emotional freedom, and meaning. To that end, I offer psychotherapy from a harm reduction perspective for clients who are preparing for psychedelic use, and I provide post-experience integration psychotherapy to foster ongoing growth. My formal training experiences in psychoanalytic, CBT, and existential techniques, as well as my understanding of non-ordinary states of consciousness, have influenced me to take an integrative perspective of healing and well-being.