Alexandra Sideroff, LMFT, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Seattle WA
At my foundation I am client-centered and take a strength-based approach. I prefer to work collaboratively so we are working together rather than me as the counselor dictating the nature of sessions. I tend to be engaging and interactive with clients. I find it useful to consider the internal and external contexts in which clients are situated. At the start of our work together we typically identify the areas of focus and goals. I will check in periodically about clients’ satisfaction with the therapy process. We may work on past histories that contributed to present concerns and/or address tool-based learnings to support efficacy and growth. I strive for cultural humility in my work, acknowledging oppressive systems and my places of power. I take a harm reduction approach which carries over to psychedelics. This involves meeting client’s where they are at, learning more about their priorities and working together to determine plans that are safer while also approximating desired objectives and experiences. Clients may seek counseling to process or integrate a psychedelic experience. Or they may want support in preparing for these experiences. Note that I do not provide any medicines.
I see clients virtually throughout California and Washington with a local presence in Seattle. I have worked in social services for nearly twenty years. I am deeply committed to a path that centers authenticity and respect for all living beings. I am a human who is also a therapist and I aim to bring my full self to this work. This may look like utilizing my own life experience and identities as references when helpful, engaging with humor, apologizing when there are hurts and responding with tears and laughter when I’m moved.