Alicia M. Rivera Jones, LCSW

Philadelphia PA
It's important for me to hold space for and bear witness to you exploring your own experiences. My goal is to create a space where all of you can show up in their full spectrum and allow for healthier connections within and with community. With me you can explore yourself in a space that allows for reflection, embodiment, and exploration to increase self-awareness. My practice is informed by harm reduction, person centered care, understanding of neurodiversity and impact of capitalism and racism. As a care provider it is important for me to hold space and allow for your inner unfolding. I provide best care to those that want to explore innovative forms of healing, ground within their bodies
I am a white latinex (puertorican), queer and gender nonbinary, parent, recovering from the non-profit and medical industrial complex, personally and professionally. My pronouns are she/they/ella/elle. My first language is Spanish and provide bilingual care (English). I started Presente Therapy in May of 2022, it is challenging, rewarding and taken me beyond binaries. Which is also how I see the therapeutic process. I consider myself a radical care provider working through the lens of transfeminism, body trust, abolition and decolonization. As a care worker I consider myself a lifelong learner, currently learning about Ketamine and other Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapies, and Internal Family System.
Individual- Internal Family System sessions