Alisha Kingsley, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist
Los Angeles CA
I am a holistic therapist with a focus on transformational, healing work. With a compassionate, gentle, and loving approach, I work in collaboration with clients to identify root causes of their challenges, address trauma and attachment wounds, integrate protective and hurt parts, release what has been stored in the body, and create new patterns. I use a combination of Ketamine-Assisted Therapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Brainspotting, expanded state of consciousness breathwork, mindfulness practices, and somatic techniques to facilitate healing of the mind, body, and spirit.
I love supporting humans as they explore, heal, and grow. I believe in our innate ability to heal and have spent many years exploring a variety of practices, methods, and systems that facilitate this process, many of which I bring with me into therapy sessions. I also believe in the healing power of love, community, connection, and physical touch. I have a special interest in expanded/non-ordinary states of consciousness, breathwork, meditation and yogic practices, therapeutic movement and dance, healing with food, plants, and lifestyle, conscious parenting, attachment, and the impact of early childhood environment (including birthing practices, breastfeeding, and diet) on mental health. Growing up in Southern California, I spent a lot of time in nature and from that developed a love of camping, hiking, the beach, old trees, and just being outdoors! I have shared this love with my two daughters and together we spend as much time as possible exploring and wandering around in nature.