Alison K. McQueen, MA, LPC, ATR

Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Art Therapist

Specialties: Trauma & depth work, psychedelic harm reduction, psychedelic integration, art therapy, conscious cannabis support

Services Offered: Individual, group, couples, psychedelic integration (individuals), group retreats, psychedelic integration (groups), harm reduction therapy (groups), pre- and post-ritual counseling, trauma-focused psychotherapy, holistic approaches, mind-body therapy, somatic therapy, mindfulness training, conscious cannabis circles, psychedelic sitters school, community breathwork

Sessions: Telehealth and In person (Boulder, CO)

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I practice as a licensed professional counselor, registered art therapist, and somatic (body-centered) trauma specialist with a private practice focused on mindfulness-based trauma and depth work, psychedelic integration, conscious parenting and women’s issues, and cannabis use support for physical and psychological well-being. I served as a sub-investigator and therapist in the phase 2 clinical trials of MAPS’ MDMA-for-PTSD study in Boulder. I have a Masters degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology (Art Therapy emphasis) from Naropa University and over three years of training in somatic trauma work with the Somatic Training Institute, as well as advanced training and experience in MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of complex post-traumatic stress disorder with the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). Bringing together over fifteen years of experience in the mental health field, clinical research experience in psychedelic therapies, and four years of international experience in therapeutic art education in the Czech Republic, I work skillfully and empathically with individuals in cultivating lives of meaning and authenticity.

My calling is to do my part to resolve trauma on the personal and global level, and I am deeply passionate about alternative and holistic therapies. For this reason, I co-founded Medicinal Mindfulness, a grassroots consciousness organization supporting individuals in safe, sacred, and legal altered states exploration and in developing ‘right relationship’ with the substances they are using. I partner with Holos Health in providing mental health counseling to medical cannabis patients and their families. I’m honored to be featured in the documentary Psychedelic Soldiers discussing MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of post-traumatic stress in veterans. I also presented MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy: It’s Criminal that this is Illegal at a Psychedelic Shine event.

I believe that no one does this work alone, and I am inspired by a transparent and collaborative feminist approach to psychotherapy. Your stories, your wisdom, and your vulnerabilities are safe with me. I invite you to reach out so that I may support you on your journey.

How I work with clients

With a foundation in psychedelic harm reduction, my work with clients weaves together somatic (body-centered), trauma-informed and mindfulness-based approaches for personal transformation. As a transpersonal therapist, I welcome all aspects of clients and their inner experiences to the room. I trust in their innate goodness as humans, and work from a nonjudgmental and non-pathologizing perspective.

Psychedelic integration support is a primary focus of my clinical work. Art-based interventions are available for clients who are interested in exploring non-verbal approaches to complex experiences.


Licensed Professional Counselor (CO), Registered Art Therapist


Masters Degree, Transpersonal Counseling Psychology (Art Therapy emphasis), Naropa University Bachelors Degree, Bachelors of University Studies, University of New Mexico


English, limited Czech and Spanish


Advanced training and experience in MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of complex PTSD with MAPS. 3+ years of somatic trauma work training with the Somatic Training Institute – 4 years of international experience in therapeutic art education in the Czech Republic

Psychedelic Trainings

MAPS MDMA Therapy Training Program

Online Sessions


Location Colorado, Boulder

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