Alissa Gibbins, AMFT

Pre-licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Oakland CA
I bring warmth and curiosity to every interaction with my clients. I believe that my clients are the experts on their own experience, and that we do our best work together when I offer love, humility, and non-judgementality for all aspects of their experience. I strive to be a safe-haven for clients' full selves to come forth. I hold that each client's experience of psychedelics is a gateway into the sacred, often mysterious territory of the soul. From personal experience, I know that working with psychedelics can be confronting, scary, revelatory, and joyous. It's transformational capacity can be long-lasting, and it can also be ephemeral. I offer clients a space in which to gently yet profoundly explore all of the edges that may present during or after a psychedelic experience. My goal is to assist clients in engaging with the truth, texture, and meaning of their experience so they may feel more whole in themselves, their relationships, and all of life. I receive direct supervision and guidance from licensed marriage & family therapist, Orlando Zuniga, who has extensive personal and professional experience with psychedelic assisted therapy. Orlando works with Journey Clinical providing Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) and training to KAP therapists. He also works with independent psychedelic providers to support education and clinical care.
Born and raised in Oakland, CA, I'm an artist, adventurer, and spiritual seeker at heart. For more than a decade, I've been blessed to experience the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics in my own healing journey and personal development. These experiences have hugely shaped who I am and how I work as a therapist. My prior professional background was working with chronic pain through applied neuroanatomy and mind-body movement, hypnotherapy, and life coaching. In my free time I love to connect with friends, attempt at playing guitar, rock climb, sing, cook, garden, and dance. I adore killer beats and harmonics, taking naps, my dog, my partner, and my amazing nieces and nephews. I am a trauma-informed therapist, and identify as sex-, poly-, and kink-positive, anti-racist, a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and respectful of all spiritual orientations.