Allison Ray Benavides, LCSW

Holistic Medical Social Worker
San Antonio TX
My authentic approach is also intimately informed by the various wisdom traditions that have brought healing into my own life. I often turn to Jungian Psychology, Dream Tending, Existential Psychology, and the Wise Woman Healing Tradition. I completed a yoga teacher’s training, am a life long meditation practitioner, and always a student of Buddhist Psychology. I practice Reiki and Pranic Healing. I find healing in stillness, nature, humor, art, poetry, and mythology. I love story telling.
I am a holistic counselor in both CA and TX supporting those coping with symptoms related to low self worth, depression, anxiety, panic, trauma, and grief. An experienced medical social worker, I also provide emotional support to those managing chronic pain, infertility, maternal loss, peri/menopause, terminal illness, limb loss, and caregiver fatigue. I am also the mother of a child with Doose Syndrome (an intractable form of epilepsy) who has been seizure free since 2014 because of high CBD. I ran a group for years, supporting mothers learning how to medicate their children using cannabis.