Allison Hauser, MA

Counseling Intern
Seminole FL
Sometimes when we get our heart broken by life, life intends to break our heart open. You are at a pivotal moment: To choose the door of endless joy or the door to endless suffering. Which do you choose? How? I intend to be with you on this journey so that you may integrate, allow, and love all of oneself and know the peace within and without. I'm here to help you remember to remember our true nature, loving power, path, and wholeness. The beauty of it all. It is an honor to be here now, with you. If you are feeling a nudge in your heart, I invite you to send me an email. From there, we can schedule a 15-minute call so I can learn more about you and you more about me. Thank you for all of the decisions that led you here.
- - - - - -
Psychedelic Integration Support Group If you are looking to talk out your visions, lessons & transformations, ceremony situations & relations, all the way to unanswered ethical questions, this is a great place to process. Must have already sat with psychedelic medicine. First group will be a closed container for 6 weeks for 2h/wk, meaning members will commit to the full 6 sessions. Circle remains a circle until the sun comes up, so to speak. How To Conduct Psychedelic Integration Counseling For licensed and pre-licensed therapists. I’ll share what I know, what I do in practice, things to consider unique to psychedelics in the way of counseling, unique ways counselors can support in the psychedelic community, in addition to (HEAVY emphasis on) ethical, cultural, and environmental considerations. NOTE: This group will refer to psychedelic *integration* (working with clients who have already had an experience) NOT psychedelic *assisted* (sitting with medicine in-session). Expect this group to be challenging, not an easy peasy info-dump. This is an honor and a duty. If you’re going to take the un/known risks you need to know exactly why you’re doing it. Closed container for 6 weeks.