Allison Hauser, MA, RYT

Seminole FL
Sometimes when we get our heart broken by life, life intends to break our heart open. You are at a pivotal moment: To choose the door of endless joy or the door to endless suffering. Which do you choose? How? I intend to be with you on this journey so that you may integrate, allow, and love all of oneself and know the peace within and without. I'm here to help you remember to remember our true nature, loving power, path, and wholeness. The beauty of it all. It is an honor to be here now, with you. If you are feeling a nudge in your heart, I invite you to send me an email. From there, we can schedule a consultation session so I can learn more about you and you more about me. Thank you for all of the decisions that led you here.
Northwestern University trained pre-licensed MA therapist serving the states of Florida and California. I generalize in issue and demographic yet specialize in psychodynamic orientation. I do not provide, serve, or recommend any medicines. I am able to provide psychotherapy. Clients may have already had a psychedelic experience(s) or are contemplating psychedelic use. In sessions we process these experiences just like we would any other experiences in life. I additionally provide brief, non-therapeutic consultation for parties outside of the states of FL and CA. Consultation may be provided to citizens, therapists, clinicians, business leaders, or other practitioners. Topics may include ethical issues, guidance, referrals, theoretical or practical questions, for example.
Individual psychotherapy - FL and CA, USA clients Consultation - Limited sessions to refer non-FL and non-CA clients to information, practitioners, or resources - Clinicians, practitioners, entrepreneurs, or others Groups (open to all) - Psychedelic Integration Support Group