Allison Johanson, LCSW

Greenwood Village CO
I like to get to know clients and their process before beginning ketamine or psychedelic treatment. I work you for 2-3 sessions before deciding which treatment is best for you. In these session we will establish a goal, experience my style and my therapeutic approach and get comfortable with the process. Making sure we are a good fit is essential for quality therapy, especially is one chooses to utilize psychedelic assisted therapy. After getting to know each other, will decide on the best next steps toward treatment. Some people choose to continue with traditional hour a week session, some prefer a longer EMDR session ( 4-8 hours) and others prefer to move forward with ketamine assisted therapy.
I believe we all have a basic tendency toward growth and healing, however old yuck gets in the way. I love to work with people to get past their yuck so that their natural growing and healing and thrive. I notice that many people are exhausted trying to figure out how to manage their emotions and control them. Even though it is counter intuitive, I find that if we can take a step back and allow the healing to happen magic can happen. I believe ketamine and other psychedelics can work wonders to enhance and/or compliment therapy. I believe it is a tool more than a magic fix and I will work with you to find the way that you can utilize the tool for success.