Allison Jones, FNP

CEO of The Well Being
Bend OR
Both virtually and in person.
Allison Jones is a seasoned medical expert in the Western United States who is passionate about bridging the gap between conventional medicine and natural healing! As a family nurse practitioner, Allison dedicated 10+ years to a level 2 trauma center and later served as the director of an integrative psychiatric clinic. Here, she led ketamine and esketamine treatments for depression and anxiety management. Her journey in healthcare led her to explore alternative healing methods, culminating in her graduation from the inaugural cohort of the first officially recognized US psilocybin facilitator program. Allison's patients praise her remarkable knowledge, supportive nature, and warmth. They appreciate her dedication to helping them develop valuable perspective skills and her genuine concern for their overall well-being. Passionately devoted to her life's mission, Allison is committed to providing holistic support — physically, emotionally, and spiritually — to those throughout their healing journeys.