Allison Kalivas, MFTC

Marriage and Family Therapist, Clinic Associate
Denver CO
Allison Kalivas, MFTC is not afraid to be in a tough place with you. She knows that coming into therapy can be a vulnerable experience. She will be your co-pilot, sitting with you in your experience and motivating you to focus on your goals. Allison’s aim is to empower you and inspire your curiosity about yourself. Together, you will make sense of your life’s path thus far and determine where you want to go next. Her individual work centers around people ready to get unstuck from old patterns and heal from the past. Clients often seek her out to heal from grief and trauma, deal with depression and anxiety, or cope with an eating disorder. Her couples work utilizes her advanced expertise in EFT to help couples deepen their connections and understand their attachment patterns. When you are ready to do the deep work and build trust with your therapist, therapy is transformative. Allison has seen just how powerful therapy can be and is passionate about her work. She feels honored to participate in her clients’ deep and lasting transformations. If you are ready to dive into healing your relationship, making peace with an eating disorder, or deepening your self-understanding, Allison is an excellent choice.
Therapy is a powerful tool. In our work together you will learn to use acceptance, patience and practice to become empowered in your life. I pride myself on creating a safe space for you to share and explore your experiences, no matter how distressing. I see hope in life’s darkest moments. You are not alone in your struggle. Your goals are worth striving for. My passion is helping individuals, couples and families develop the tools to thrive. So often, we feel the need to shrink ourselves to fit into someone else’s expectations. Therapy is a place to break free from those expectations. I will help you learn to take up space and explore all aspects of yourself. Together we will focus on how your past and present experiences impact your emotional wellness. We will draw connections between your emotions, thoughts, and experiences and learn how they impact your life. Together we will understand who you are and what you need to thrive. Witnessing my clients break free from past experiences to live life unencumbered is what drives my passion for this work. Life is challenging, providing my clients with the tools to succeed along their journey to recovery is truly an honor.
Ketamine Assisted Therapy (KAP) Individual Therapy Couples Therapy EMDR (Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Neurofeedback Brain Training Pregnancy, Postpartum, and New Parenthood Support