Altered Healing

Halifax NS
We value the inherent knowledge each of us has to know our own body and mind. Our intention is to meet people where they are, and allow them to explore their own path to healing. Altered Healing is intended to be a safe space for everyone to share.
Welcome to Nova Scotia's first Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy (CAPT) practice. In a CAPT Session, cannabis is consumed intentionally during a guided mindfulness experience, aimed at healing the body, mind and soul. The CAPT experience offers a level of agency which many other psychedelics cannot provide, this is why it is wonderful for trauma resolution. Unlike other psychedelics, where people often just feel the need to 'hold on', with cannabis the experience feels more consensual. With CAPT, it's as if we are being shown only what we are ready to see.
Psychedelic preparation and integration, cannabis-assisted psychedelic therapy, harm-reduction, courses/workshops/talks on a range of psychoeducation topics.