Alyea Kean, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Founder/Owner
Warwick RI
I treat everyone differently since people come in with many different types of symptoms and issues they need to focus on. People are not the same and cannot be treated the same way in therapy. My approach if how I work with someone will change depending on the person. All in all, the one thing that will stay the same, is that I will always make sure I am gently challenging people to help people gain insight and perspective into things they are struggling with. I
We are a husband and wife practice in Warwick, Rhode Island focusing on KAP, EMDR, IFS, spiritual life coaching, numerology and energy healing. We focus on a more spiritual experience with KAP via sound bowl ceremonies as well as utilizing helpful and beautiful scents/medicines from the land such as sweet grass, sage and others of your choosing. I am a LMHC with more than 17 years in the field specializing in BPD, trauma, anxiety, couples and addiction. My husband is a certified Spiritual Life Coach, KAP guide as well as a certified Numerologist. We've decided to join forces and create our practice, Infused With Love Therapy, LLC.