Alyse Power, MD

Boulder CO
Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy Did you know that when cannabis is used intentionally and skillfully, it is just as potent as other psychedelic medicines in therapeutic settings? Our clients commonly report experiences that are as potent and psychedelic as MDMA, Psilocybin, Ayahuasca and even DMT. Ketamine-assisted Psychedelic Therapy Ketamine is a safe, legal, and highly effective psychedelic medicine being used to treat depression, trauma and anxiety. It is a dissociative anesthetic (dissociation being a sense of disconnection from one’s ordinary reality and sense of self) that is commonly used in surgeries and hospitals worldwide.
Alyse Power, MD is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician from Austin, TX. She has received extensive training in Ketamine-Assisted Therapy with Dr. Philip Wolfson of the prestigious Ketamine Training Center and with Dr. Naveen Thomas of the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness. She is passionate about providing safe, legal and ethical medical oversight for clients experiencing transformational healing through psychedelic therapy and the role these medicines play in personal growth, anxiety and depression and trauma resolution. She is of the opinion that our struggling world is in desperate need of these kinds of interventions and is honored to integrate her vast experience of the medical and pharmacological realm with the expertise of the practitioners at the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness. With initial aspirations to become a veterinarian, Alyse completed her undergraduate degree in Animal Science and a minor in Neuroscience. This led her to adventures in a South African baboon rehabilitation center and on a study abroad safari which changed her perspective and her path. While she will always love and care for animals, she decided to switch species and focus her career on the care of her fellow humans. After completing medical training, Alyse has primarily been working as a Hospitalist and Emergency Medicine provider up until her relocation to Denver. Throughout her medical career, Alyse has managed care for critically ill patients in resource-poor and often geographically isolated environments in rural Alaska, focusing on compassionate practices to support patients and families as they navigate exceedingly difficult and emotionally trying situations. Alyse has worked with patients who are experiencing a number of mental health issues, often accompanied by various other acute and chronic medical conditions. Through this, she has acquired a diverse and unique skill set, including a staunch dedication to compassionate bedside manner and an ability to be present with people in difficult states. Alyse is a firm believer in the power of legal psychedelic medicines and the ability they have to facilitate healing, growth and discovery in a way that often eludes modern western medicine practices, and the potential applications it has for the future of healthcare.
Psychedelic Sitters School: Level 1 Foundations in Psychedelic Therapy We focus on Mindfulness Techniques that Psychedelic Therapists and Guides can use to deepen their own healing and transformation process while assisting and staying in full contact with their client for many hours. These internal skill sets are often unacknowledged in other programs, yet are essential in increasing personal and professional sustainability and resilience. You’ll learn how to make your own psychedelic cannabis blends, set up your therapy space, use music, and prompts to safely hold space as a psychedelic facilitator. The skill sets taught in PSS1 are similar to facilitating Ketamine and N,N-DMT psychedelic experiences. The intensive nature of the experience allows us to do far more than a clinical Psychedelic Therapy training program. In addition to the demonstrations, experientials and multiple one-on-one practice sessions, the intensive is over four full days of personal psychedelic journeywork equivalent to the most potent Ayahuasca retreat experiences. PLEASE VISIT THE PSYCHEDELIC SITTERS SCHOOL TRAINING WEBSITE HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION, OR VISIT OUR COURSE CATALOG TO SIGN UP FOR CLASSES. Psychedelic Guide Training – Level 2 – completes the training of Level 1 and is designed to teach students everything they need to know to facilitate experiences incredibly similar to MDMA/Psilocybin in a professional setting using psychedelic cannabis. Students will learn how to deepen and broaden their client’s process of healing and transformational discovery while simultaneously engaging in personal mindfulness practices that facilitate self transformation and healing. The Level 2 intensive is a full, 4.5-day professional training program with online lectures and 22 hours of psychedelic therapy experientials. These experientials include two community Conscious Cannabis Circle and 4 one-on-one practice sessions in the practicum. Psychedelic Guide Training is a prerequisite to be an assistant facilitator, a small group leader in our training program, and PSS3 – Advanced Practices in Psychedelic Therapy.