Alyssa Gursky, MA, LPC-I

Licensed Professional Counselor Intern
Portland OR
All that I offer to my clients in rooted in compassion, radical acceptance, and curiosity. Creating a safe, secure, non-judgmental environment is crucial to doing any sort of transformative work in psychotherapy. I balance deep listening with experiential exercises as a way of relational building and personal development. I tailor my unique skillset to meet the needs and goals of each person. As an art therapist, I am passionate about integrating the creative process to know one’s self and heal inner tension. No artistic experience is necessary to engage in art therapy. Additional tools that I utilize include nervous system regulation through breath work, mindfulness and visualization practices. I’m also passionate about providing career counseling to those who are interested in building a career in psychedelic science. I am LGBTQIA+ aligned, polyam friendly, kink friendly, and pro-disability justice. I do not provide referrals to underground psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.
Alyssa Gursky (she/her & they/them) is a Transpersonal Art Therapist & a Licensed Professional Counselor intern in the state of Oregon. Her private practice, operating out of Somatic Center Portland, focuses on supporting people of all genders in building deeper relationships, starting with their own bodies. She is passionate about integrating tools such as mindfulness, breath work, art making, and various ritualistic practices to support clients in befriending their inner world in a grounded and compassionate way. She has received her clinical training at Naropa University, in Boulder, Colorado. Concurrently with her academic training, She worked as a night attendant on MAPS’ MDMA for PTSD study in Boulder, Colorado & Fort Collins, Colorado and facilitated community events on psychedelic education. She is clinically trained to offer Ketamine and cannabis in psychotherapy and is in process of completing her MDMA-assisted psychotherapy training. Currently, she is not offering medicine assisted psychotherapy. However, I am offering preparation, integration, and harm reduction education to those who are looking to explore their habits around substance use, or gain support around their own journeying practices. She has worked in an eclectic array of clinical and creative environments, including a children’s hospital, an addiction recovery center, a low income clinical mental health agency, private research studies, and an immersive art collective.