Amanda Tran, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
San Jose CA
You are welcome exactly as you are. You already have within yourself the gifts, wisdom, and capacity you need to create a life that is most deeply fulfilling for you. Our process is collaborative; you’re the expert on yourself, and I’m committed to your thriving. With curiosity and compassion, we gradually bring greater clarity and balance to your inner world. You can finally begin to unlearn the patterns that no longer serve you, and instead learn to envision and embody your wholeness. In addition to talk therapy I also integrate body-based practices, artistic explorations, and your own cultural healing traditions. We’ll cultivate your connection with values, communities, and practices that can anchor you during times of change and uncertainty. I empower you to set the pace for your healing and to honor what feels right for you at all times.
I’m a Vietnamese American non-binary human (pronouns: they/she), child of refugees, and settler on Ohlone native land. I especially love supporting young adults, Asian American mental health, and intergenerational healing—clinical callings that have emerged from my own lived experiences. In addition to serving my community as a psychotherapist/healer, I also enjoy cooking, tending to my plants, warm beach days, and waterfall hikes. I practice flow arts (dragon, contact staff, and fans) and I love bringing creative ideas to life.