Amelia Hall, MA, AMFT

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
Los Angeles CA
Naturally drawn to the mystical side of life, I meet clients where they are at while lovingly holding them accountable to their highest purpose. I view our work through an attachment-based psychodynamic lens, utilizing multiple modalities such as somatic awareness, archetypal drama therapy improv, guided visualization, kriya yoga + meditation, and earth-based healing practices when appropriate to assist in mind/body/spirit integration. I work with adults who have often felt like black sheep in their families and communities. I focus on building a safe and trusting relationship with my clients that support self-actualization, choice and empowerment. I am LGBTQ + alternative medicine affirmative. Please reach out for a free consultation.
Can’t seem to find a sense of vitality belonging? Call me. SLIDING SCALE VIRTUAL THERAPY. My mission is to help my clients from experiences of trauma to embodied transformation. Believe it or not, therapy can be fun. As a trauma-informed holistic art therapist, my clients often share how nurtured and inspired they feel after working with me. I believe this is a result of my ability to not bypass but to be with difficult experiences, which then creates the foundation for prosperity and purpose to blossom. My specialty of working with the alternative methods for trauma healing first began as a child seeking hope for an unknown future. As I witnessed the impact of intergenerational trauma, physical + mental illness, as well as grief + loss within my family system, my desire to be the change I seek and to reduce suffering on this planet aligned me on this path of service. I have worked with folks from all walks of life in various settings, including inpatient, outpatient, residential treatment facilities, though my passion at a broad level is in helping adolescents and adults live a life aligned with their purpose. I am passionate about helping others because I firsthand know the power and necessity of being supported through difficult times, particularly around experiences trauma, grief and loss, and reclaiming the inner-healer.