Amelia Mora Mars, LMFT

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapist
Westlake Village CA
I am very mindful that many of the women that I serve have not enjoyed loving, nurturing, or emotionally safe relationships. As I guide patients in-person during ketamine and integration sessions, I provide a safety anchor to allow emotions and memories to emerge and be released. This is especially important for those with a history of trauma to avoid feeling re-traumatized and alone, but instead emotionally held and supported. Our Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy treatment team consists of a physician, a psychotherapist and a medical team with specialized expertise in ketamine therapy. All providers are authorized by their respective licensure boards to provide the gold standard of professional medical and psycho- therapeutic treatment.
Amelia Mora Mars specializes in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and Maternal Mental Health. She champions individuals to break cycles of trauma, to heal their hearts, and to reestablish ownership of their bodies and minds. Amelia became aware of the powerful possibility of psychedelics following her son's suicide attempt in 2019. At the time, she shared an office suite with Dr. Bhasin, an anesthesiologist specializing in ketamine treatment and had witnessed positive patient outcomes. She entrusted her son to him hoping for a quick, positive outcome. With each treatment, her son freed himself from the lies he believed about himself. This experience lead to a collaboration with the PointKetamine team to guide beautiful souls who long to live a life of freedom. When not at work, she is most proud of her role as Mom to six daughters and four sons and enjoys spending time in nature with her family in Southern California.
Group ketamine sessions and integration for women survivors of sexual assault