Amy Johnson, PHRI

Psychedelic Integration Coach
Takoma Park MD
Using trauma-informed, strengths-based, anti-oppressive and harm-reduction perspectives I believe in the healing power of nurturing insight through compassion, reframing, discernment and non-ordinary states of consciousness. If you have begun psychedelic journeys, including those who have experienced fallout from difficult journeys, I would be honored to support your process through integration. If you are preparing for psychedelic journeys I can support you in developing an individualized preparatory process to best suit your intentions.
Thank you for reviewing my page. I am a caring, highly skilled Psychedelic Integration Coach with over a decade of experience. I believe you deserve to learn real tools for coping with and growing from trauma. Through Big Tree Counseling I offer Psychedelic Integration Coaching to support clients individual path to healing. Utilizing compassion, mindfulness and focusing on your strengths I can help you move through even the most difficult situations and traumatic experiences. It is possible to feel okay again, return to your strength and centered self. Not overnight, but sooner than you may be able to imagine. I will support you in developing insight and trusting your intuition to learn, integrate, and grow from your experience. I work best with adult clients over 25 who have previous engaged in therapy. Please be in touch - it would be a joy to work with you.
My coaching support includes individual psychedelic support and integration, professional supervision and mentorship around developing a psychedelic informed scope of practice, discernment counseling and small group gatherings.