Amy Lynch, LCSW

Embody Your Existence
Littleton CO
The people I work best with are those that are trying, trying, trying so hard in this wide, wild world, making differences in some form or another and also feeling like they are tired, tired, tired. How about some sustainability? How about some left over in the tank? How about some boundaries and buffers for yourself babe because you also are a human having a human experience and you have the right to all the goodness. Safety, pleasure, connection, engagement, presence and hope, yes, even when it’s hard, especially when it’s hard. We don’t do bypassing in this family, I’m not talking about ignoring the difficulties and injustices of this world, I’m speaking to the possibility of being embodied while navigating the tumult of life. How many times have you felt (my hand is raised here) almost in a codependent relationship with being a helper, with being an empath or a highly sensitive person? What if it didn’t have to cost us so much all the time to navigate ourselves, our relationships, and our world? The people that seem drawn to working with me are, and I say this from their own loving voice, misfits! My caseload has a lot of nuerodivergent brains, witchy/spiritual folxs, many are part of the LGBTQIA+ family. Many are creative and kind, and many are high achieving and working on making themselves and this world better than they found it. And they are all across the board, I have teachers, students , CFO's, attorneys, and other therapists and healers. It's a mixed bag and I am honored by the diversity and love of it all!
My name is Amy Rose Lynch and I’m so glad that you are here, exploring, giving some spaciousness to your healing and to your life. Who am I? That’s a big question. To begin with, I’m a big ole nerd, learning and growing are my jam. What ignites my curiosity? All things decolonizing therapy (please, please, please check out Dr. Jennifer Mullens), trauma healing and metabolization, somatics, polyvagal theory (I love me a good, toned, regulated nervous system), learning and growing with the Tarot and keeping it as real as we can. Person to person. Nervous system to nervous system. I am a mother, a partner, queer, neurodivergent, non monogamous, highly sensitive, deliberate about regulating my dopamine levels, I am of Mexican and Irish descent and funny to boot. I love to explore, travel, make good food, read good books, have deliberate, deep conversations as well as enjoy an abundance of potty humor jokes and take the time to move my body. I am a joyful survivor of childhood trauma and find it a sacred calling to use my training and my life to walk alongside others in this wide, wild world. I can’t help myself, I find the human condition beautiful and absurd and am deeply honored to support others in making sense of their story and their ever developing existence. While I love me some intellectual bantering (a little goes a long way y'all) we need all of the perfect parts of us to work together in order to decrease burnout, to decrease overwhelm and to find acceptance, peace, and the possibility of thriving in who you are, exactly as you are, you sweet precious soul you.
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