Amy Price Neff, MD

Medical Doctor
Nashville TN
I see patients in person and virtually. My work as a physician is to hold all of the tenets of Western Medicine as a foundation for the care I deliver. I then invite other tools into the healing space such as Ayurvedic principles of balance using sensory stimulation or routines, or a mindfulness practice. Sometimes we use sophisticated lab analyses to arrive at new insights. We can address medical illness, such as autoimmune disorders or thyroid dysfunction, or nutritional issues, and at the same time bring awareness to trauma or experience as playing a role in those concerns. We work with behavior change through compassion and with the sense that the inner healer is wise and available, but may need some help navigating environmental exposures, the "expososome."
I am an integrative medicine physician based in Nashville, Tennessee. Trained in primary care at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, I completed fellowship training in integrative medicine at the University of Arizona which validated my medically-informed interests in ecological health, social justice and the flourishing of systems which promote well-being. Living and practicing in coastal Virginia for 15 years, I was the medical director of several programs which provided care to uninsured patients. At that time, I also worked for 6 years in a psychiatric practice, where I enjoyed great relationships with the psychiatric and therapist community and tended to specialize in women's mental health particularly while pregnant and in the post-partum period. I also founded Pendulum Fine Meats, a high-animal welfare butcher shop, restaurant and grocery. Enjoying close relationships with the local farming community, I regularly prescribe regeneratively farmed foods.
Ketamine therapy