Amy Scott, LCSW

Colorado Springs CO
I walk with my clients on the sacred journey to their perfect heart. Love is perfect. People are not. We learn from our life experiences to protect our sensitive nature by closing our heart and exiling our pain deep into the shadows of our psyche. Though this may work for us for some time, life eventually forces us to break open our hearts and examine the things we once buried. This process frequently is identified as mental illness but is often simply a necessary phase in one's spiritual evolution. I can help you remember what you have forgotten. I will remind you that they are allowed to love yourself, heal yourself, and be your whole self. I can show you the methods of the ego and point out your patterns that are sustained by fear. I can help you to change these patterns and let go of the constructs of the ego that have kept you unhappy and stuck. I will show you unconditional positive regard and a ferocious acceptance of your perfect heart. I hold space for you to learn that you are love.
Hi, I'm Amy Scott. I have been a therapist for 20 years. I specialize in mind/body/spirit healing practices to help my clients process their traumatic experiences and release their egoic defense structures so they can live their lives whole-hearted and spiritually free.
I offer a 12 week workshop titled, "The Sacred Journey to your Perfect Heart" 3 times a year. We also offer numerous small workshops that provide mind/body/spirit tools for alchemizing pain into love. I am currently enrolling for the next workshop beginning in January, 2024.