Amy Sedgwick, BSc

Occupational Therapist
Clydesdale NS
I work with clients weekly or biweekly for three months at a time. Every 12 weeks we will check in to discuss whether you are experiencing benefits from our work together and decide the best way to move forward.
I’m a photographer, dancer, book lover and beekeeper. In my work life, I help individuals who are frustrated by the lack of empathy and proper care they receive for their physical and mental health struggles. I am honoured to support my clients in overcoming lifelong struggles through true collaboration, innovation and respect. You may know me from my days running the Toronto-based sex-positive shop Red Tent Sisters, or from the popular advice-based YouTube channel I created with my sister, Kim. Or perhaps you have seen me quoted in The Globe & Mail, The Toronto Star or Macleans. My absolute favourite thing to do is to get to know people on a deep level, find out what makes them tick, and collaborate on finding innovative new ways to heal from our past traumas and current pains. Sound intriguing? Let’s talk.