An Elegant Mind Counselling

Angela Leong, MA, RCC

Taylor Olson, RCC

Qua Le, MEd, RCC

Location: 300 – 1090 Homer St, Vancouver BC, V6B 2W9

Contact:, 604-800-9285

Rates for Services: C$150 + tax


We’re a trauma-informed, person-centred clinic that emphasizes psychedelic integration, and relationship counselling. We want to help you make sense of your other wordly experiences in an integrative, non-judgemental, and unbiased way, grounded in counselling psychology knowledge and research.


Our therapists also work with issues of bi-cultural integration, non-hetero issues, non-monogamy and trauma. We’re experienced in accident/injury trauma, sexual abuse and family issues.


– Reflection or forging an understanding of one’s psychedelic experience
– Merging of one’s psychedelic experience with day-to-day life
– Maintaining positive outcomes
– Assistance with processing challenging/intrusive thoughts/feelings
– Managing existing relationships with respect to new insights
– Brief therapy: 3-4 months

At the moment, our clinic offers pre-consumption harm reduction and post-consumption management only. There have been a number of individuals in Canada who have been successful in being granted compassionate exempt from the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Connect with us for more details on how to work with a therapist at An Elegant Mind towards compassionate exempt.


Online Sessions


Location Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver

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